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MOTIware Connected Crowd

Being Informed

Crowded mass events like soccer matches, fairs, and concerts are always a challenge - for organization, for security, for catering. People have to be guided and well supplied. In the area of mobile communications and Internet people expect to being connected and informed by mobile network services. But this hardly works - often it is even difficult just to send an SMS.

The issue is the incredible high capacity demand due to the dense crowd. More antennas, more hardware hardly helps - too much interference even worse the service coverage.

Offering a dedicated information channel which is applicable by any mobile devices does cover the most of the information needs of visitors. Broadcasting this and combining it with social interaction via Facebook, Twitter etc. is the unique proposal of "MOTIwareCC". By a special developed Video Quality Enhancement system the quality is superior while the capacity demand is minimized. Now Being Informed at crowded mass events is easy again!

Full Service Solution

MOTIwareCC is a full service solution that includes:

  • Live stream channels via Multicast with Video Quality Enhancements for superior quality
  • Mobile Apps
  • Local, valuable, relevant content within an App
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter
  • Industrial WiFi network


MOTIwareCC is the most suitable solution for:

  • Sport events
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Fairs, Congresses
  • Auditorium, halls


MOTIwareCC is a complete package including:

  • Industrial WiFi hardware and settlement
  • FrontEnd and BackEnd servers
  • Content Management software
  • Smartphone applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more

It is white labelled and fully customizable. It is developed and offered in co-operation with ITware Kft. (www.itware.hu).

ITware Kft. is the specialist of mobile business applications and enterprise software. Developing  customized, interactive mobile apps and strong, professional solutions, ITware Kft. has been working for nearly 20 years in the forefront of mobile communication.