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10 years of brown-iposs

Since about 10 years brown-iposs is offering products, consulting, and services in the area of radio (mobile) networks. It is also involved in different R&D projects. With currently (Feb. 2016) 12 employees and in strong co-operation with its shareholders TEDSoft GmbH and TNC GmbH tailored solutions in the area of network optimization and planning are offered.

Photo by Marc Bieschinski

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary brown-iposs run the congress "Networks of the future". Here the cooperation network "BIC-IRAP", initiated by brown-iposs, presented its view and plans for radio mobile networks for enterprises and for industrial environments. These areas will be the main focus of brown-iposs for the next ten years.


brown-iposs GmbH has been founded in February 2006 by its shareholders

Founders of brown-iposs are Dr. Thomas Frontzek, Dr. Martin Hellebrandt, Professor Dr. Rudolf Mathar, Dr. Stefan Meuser, and Dr. Bernd Schröder. All team members are involved since the '90ties in the area of planning, operating, optimization and modeling of mobile and wired networks. This broad experience is the base and core of brown-iposs.

The service offering of brown-iposs is completed by our co-operations with strong partners. Our services are based - beside the long-time experience and know-how - on a lot of practical experience and detailed operator's knowledge.

Offer & Customer

brown-iposs possess therefore know-how of many years in the area of planning, building and operating mobile and fixed line networks. Our in-depth experience with carriers and providers gives us a portfolio of well-proven software and our especially developed products.

Our customers are municipalities, public services and carrier of telecommunication networks. We supply our customers with our portfolio and technical know-how for planning and integrating broadband networks. Being consultants for network planning, we aid to determine suitable solutions and build-up platforms for prospective providers.

Since our start in 2006 very different projects for more than 50 customers have been successfully done. Among our customers are sole proprietors as well as multi-national operators, in Europe and beyond.

BROadband Wireless Networks -

Investigations, Planning,

Operations Support Systems

New branch office Stralsund

brown-iposs' branch office in North-Eastern Germany (MVP) has moved to the "Stralsunder Innovations- und Gründerzentrum".

At our new branch office we are mainly working on R&D

  • Development on small cell solutions
  • Multi-Mode cells for WiFi and GSM
  • Hybrid network architectures
  • Development of our RF planning tool WiMAP-4G

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